What Thoughts

What Thoughts  by John Most


Publication Date: 2015
Genre: Poetry (88pp, paperback)
ISBN-13: 9789352071456

What Thoughts by John Most


By dancing with abstraction, paradox, and clarity, Most willingly accepts the oft-hidden weaknesses of language, how language fails to convey the physical world’s most dire philosophical and ecological problems. What Thoughts is a wonderful example of Most’s ability to imaginatively disassemble and observe the major conundrums of life in the twenty-first century. Proving his capacity to shift seamlessly between intricate ideas and concepts--from the perilous and uncertain to the emotional and unreal--Most painstakingly turns visions into words within a tight range of styles and approaches, from collage and conversational to fractured and lyrical. Sparsely populated by allusions to literature and a post-human future, his poems are haunted by the constantly moving edges of subjective experiences and present technologies. Most’s artfully constructed lines are a concrete manifestation of visions received during an era of pervasive uncertainties.

John Most convincingly works with the thresholds of dialectic and emotive writing. Where does one begin? Where does one end? He reveals language and images turned against themselves. The collection seamlessly oscillates between narration, abstraction, and ambivalence, where neither style is dominant.

Anne Tardos

John Most's work reminds me of two German poets I admire greatly: Friedrich Hölderlin: "If people were not what would become of serenity."; and Paul Celan: "Configuring hours / Confuse a crazy / Silent toad." Most is worldly without being artificial and smug--not at all a product of a phony bohemian culture; wise in the face of all that is, and all that is not. 

Mac Wellman

What Thoughts elaborates on the elusive breaks in augmented reality. In four transitioning sequences a wonder zone is revealed. The sonorous present's labyrinthine network is charted. This book sways with metaphysical and ecological drama.

Brenda Iijima